Epic Capcom Fight Club Footage

Super Street Fighter 4 drops this April 27th, and to celebrate Capcom held a fight club this Friday. If you follow the top dogs in competitive Street Fighter play, then the names Justin Wong and Daigo must ring a bell. Even if these names are foreign to you, LevelUp-Series has uploaded footage of their earth-shattering showdown during the event. You might not know your sonic-booms from your shoryukens, but I think anybody can appreciate the intensity of the last moments of the match. Enjoy, and make sure to grab your copy of SSF4 this week!

One Comment

  1. Tom

    Street Fighter is always so much more epic when other people play it. Whenever I play it it’s always “short jab, short jab, Hadoken oh he lost because he didn’t block any of these”.

    He being me, of course.