Some of you might have noticed we aren’t updating much. Nightmare Mode is currently on hiatus as I take the time to reconsider our approach and ethos. We will post the occasional thing in the coming couple of months, as our writers, well, can’t stop writing. They have things they want to say. For the most part, though, we won’t be updating much.

You can expect us to come back in a while with a razor sharp handpicked team unlike any other, writing the type of stuff you can’t find anywhere else. We are meticulously planning content that will be remarkable and memorable.

Maybe you want to get involved; I can’t possibly know all of the good writers out there. Drop me a line at patricia at nightmaremode dot net if so. Otherwise, I’m excited to tell you who we have onboard for a future relaunch and what it is that we’ll be doing different. Lets just say it’ll be clear why we’re called “Nightmare Mode” then.

Patricia Hernandez



  1. GFoppy

    Please don’t let this site die! I enjoyed reading many of its past articles, looking forward to the next updates.

  2. Cyarron

    I’m sorry to hear that the site will be running on low power for a while but I am actually very excited to see what happens in the future! I find the work written here – especially the content dealing with how a specific person’s life experiences resonate with a game and how that creates something new through the course of the playing – to be excellent. If we could see even more of this kind of psychological commentary about playing and experiencing games, that would be most welcome.
    Good luck on the reboot!

  3. Megamaniaco

    I do wish you guys keep on posting, I love your approach.

  4. Legokid3000

    If/When you guys get this going again, I’ve got some more experience under my belt, and I’m interested in contributing again.

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