Nightmare Mode is back

I’m not going to write an essay about how we’re going to save games journalism or we’re the bastion of games criticism.

What I will say: there are a few new ideas that we are guided by, aside from the typical pursuit of good games writing.

We’re Nightmare Mode because we have a diverse set of backgrounds and (sometimes subversive) approaches to games writing and game-making (because yes, we have a healthy number of developers on-staff). And because we’re going to try, as much as is possible, to not exist within the confines of the marketing machine. There’s enough of that type of site out there.

We’re not here to try to become the most popular, well-known games site. We’re not trying to get you to delve deeper and deeper in the site because we’re hungry for your clicks–so no sidebars, no blogroll, no ads–nothing like that. Really, barely any frills at all. The work stands on its own (or it doesn’t!)

We’re not going to be doing news or previews, though we encourage developers to get in touch nonetheless. Reviews will happen, but not for the sake of having them–rather, if we feel that there’s an angle we can take, then we might have the occasional review.

This is where I’d normally make some statement about how we want to restore your faith in games criticism or something, but eh, I hope the work speaks for itself.

You can expect the site to undergo changes and tinkering as we figure out what works best and what doesn’t (and also as we find time to dedicate to this massive endeavor.) For now I can concretely tell you that we have an amazing roster of authors who make up Nightmare Mode; you can check that list out here.

Every author has a specific day every month where they publish material; you can expect one piece a day from a different writer until it’s their turn again next month. There will be the occasional outside submission as well. Today we have an actual piece going up. Check it out.

If you took a look at the roster you’ll see that it’s like a blogging supergroup! I was surprised to have so many people saying they’d contribute regularly to this thing: I’m very grateful for all the people involved, and I have nothing but respect and admiration for them. They’re doing this out of love, and out of a shared vision.

I hope you like it.

Patricia Hernandez, Editor In Chief


  1. jasonjoo

    @nitemaremodenet the link to Patricia’s Twitter on the about page needs to be fixed :3

    • patriciaxh

      @jasonjoo @nitemaremodenet Fixed!

  2. Sam_Crisp

    @nitemaremodenet Whoa, that’s a badass lineup of writers you have there.

  3. Brauhaus

    So… vacation’s over!

  4. AGBear

    @ethangach @nitemaremodenet ?

    • ethangach

      @AGBear Im outraged..outraged I say! That place reeks of ‘ritos..predict the young’ns will pen boatloads bout this on the blogs..the horror!

      • AGBear

        @ethangach Nightmare Mode in association with Mountain Dew. Quench your thirst for gaming.

  5. nitemaremodenet

    @ethangach no u repulsive

  6. MegamaniacoZX

    I am SO glad you’re back!! 😀

  7. Louis Filiatrault

    With Kill Screen gone completely off the rails, it’s fantastic to see you giving this a new shot.
    Best of luck and looking forward to everything!