Limbo Developer's Next Project Will Be "More Weird"

What could be weirder than a grayscale platformer starring a child who can die in ways almost as disturbing as the nightmare fuel of Heart of Darkness? We’ll find out soon enough as the folks Playdead have been hard at work on their next game. Naturally anticipations will be high since Limbo managed to not only be an excellent game, but its unique art style and bleak premise struck everyone’s “games are art” nerve in the best way possible.

While the details for this “project two” are practically nonexistent, we know the game is single player, “more weird” than its predecessor, in color (yes, that’s news coming from the developers of Limbo), and ” more 3D than you would think” according to Playdead boss Dino Patti. The 3D statement is interesting because it could simply mean the player can move in three dimensions or that the game will support 3D displays. This wasn’t clarified, but since Limbo was a 2D platformer my money is on the former.

While no solid release date has been given, Patti has stated that he doesn’t want to rush the announcement.

“I hate when the big publishers show something one or two years before the launch…I want to have an announcement one month before, two weeks before or something. That’s an ordinary person’s attention span.”

I couldn’t agree more, sir.

Source: Eurogamer