October Omnitopic: Downloadable Content

Hey guys! Remember this old running feature, the Omnitopic? Of course you don’t—it’s been a couple months and you’re a busy person. Well, it’s back, with a new topic for all of us to debate until our fingers bleed from writing: downloadable content.

I know, I know, a physical, real topic as opposed to the hypothetical, analytical ideas we’ve talked about in the past. Whatever will we say about it when we can’t wag our fingers and analyze away? Well, I imagine at least one someone will be pro-DLC, and another will be against DLC, and someone will write an article about downloading physical copies of games or movies and then placing them into the Playstation in their chest cavity. But I could be wrong.

So, prepare for a month of posts about downloadable content and other things unrelated! And a question: what do you, fairest reader, think of it? Do you enjoy spending three dollars to download a set of horse armor, or would you rather buy anything else?