Fumito Ueda says The Last Guardian to be "Unpredictable"

Despite having it’s release date pushed back earlier this year and being a no-show at 2011’s TGS, rare news has surfaced about The Last Guardian. Featured on the Ico & Shadow of the Colossus HD Collection is a round table discussion with the developers including the game’s director, Fumito Ueda.

He says about the game, “As much as possible, the level design shouldn’t seem too functional or rational. It has to seem like a natural part of the atmosphere and the world, like it’s been like that forever. Obviously we need to do the level design, but we don’t want our users to notice the intent of the designer… I think that’s what we’re spending most of our time on right now. I think being unpredictable, giving the game unpredictability, is key for The Last Guardian. Just by their presence alone, the AI characters tend to invite unpredictable situations. That was on purpose.

Given Team Ico’s penchant for designing worlds that truly feel alive, it should come as no surprise that they are taking cues from their previous work to craft a natural environment. However, unpredictability is the key word here, and it’ll certainly be interesting to see what surprises Ueda has in store for us once The Last Guardian finally ships next year.

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  1. mantas

    can’t wait till this hits the shelves, day 1 purchase for me. 🙂

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