Infamous 2 Update Adds Titanic Extras

Fans of Infamous 2 will be pleased to discover that Sucker Punch has released a free update for Cole’s latest adventure. In addition to the storyline campaign, Infamous 2 allows Playstation 3 owners the ability to create their own missions or partake in the online community’s generated content. This third update will allow gamers to implement the massive Titan and Devourer bosses into their own UGC. These familiar enemies will add to the scale of battles and provide a fresh take on the extensive mission creation system.

The update will also allow creators the ability to link missions together in the order of their choosing and provide a better system of feedback for the online community to voice their opinions on each experience. Previously players were allowed to rate the missions on a sliding scale but now SuckerPunch has provided a limited text box for gamers to post their comments.

While Infamous 2 lacks a multiplayer component, the game has developed a formidable online community that has created nearly 80,000 user generated missions.

Rounding out the rest of the changes are the following:

•    Relative Health. You can now change “Health” and “Cole’s Energy” modifiers as percentages.
•    Volume/Monitor Reset. New “Reset When’ option on Volume and Monitor logic objects lets you change how or when they can be reset after being triggered.
•    Author Mission Search. Search results will now display the level author’s name.

Via SuckerPunch


  1. Robert

    Cool update…there are some really good missions popping up, especially ones that limit your powers while asking you to complete mission objectives that would otherwise be too easy. Can’t wait to see the bosses incorporated into the UGC.

    • GT Walsh

      Thanks man. It’s interesting that they’re allowing mission creators to decide if the new bosses work with or against you. It’d be nice to have a Devourer on your side every once in a while.