GameFly Goes Digital

Being a GameFly subscriber just got a little better. The popular video game rental service is now offering a beta invite that allows members to download content directly to their PC. A GameFly membership currently grants access to a library of over 7,000 titles through their mailing service but the new digital service will allow gamers to bypass delivery times and start playing their favorite games in minutes.

This new GameFly service is the latest example of the phasing out of physical discs towards digital content distribution. NPD has reported that the sales of digital video games in conjuncture with used and rental games have totaled $1.85 billion dollars in the first quarter of 2011. When compared to the $2.03 billion sold in physical software, the market for digital content is clearly gaining momentum.

GameFly’s new beta is a free service with any membership plan and can be obtained through requesting a code at their webpage to grant access. The company has not revealed the limit on the number of codes they will be releasing.

The beta will last until its public launch of the application later this year. At this time there is a limited selection of games available for download but the number of titles will gradually increase. Mac users can download the application but will not have access to games until a later date.

Via GameFly