theRednerGroup Speaks to the Duke Nukem Forever Tweet Fiasco

Every story has two sides to it, and Jim Redner of the theRednerGroup has recently gone on record in regards to what happened with his DNF tweet. For those of you that missed it, the infamous tweet read as follows:

Too many went too far with their reviews…we are reviewing who gets games next time and who doesn’t based on today’s venom.

As you might imagine, that wasn’t received by the public very well.

Apparently, the Tweet was based on a single review that Redner felt bordered on ‘hate.’ “The reviewer’s story was downright mean spirited. It’s as if the reviewer had a grudge and finally found an outlet to unleash his hostile brand of negativity. The review goes so far as to disparage the people who poured thousands of irreplaceable hours of their life, spent absent from families and loved ones, into the creation of this game.”

He admits that he went too far and overreacted, but he defends himself, saying that it was just him venting and that he was “was clearly frustrated. I unwisely picked a public forum that millions of people use every day to vent and I have paid the price, but I would like to believe that I paid that steep price with some level of dignity.”

He also notes that while he never actually said (and doesn’t believe in) blacklisting, he states that publishers do not owe anything to reviewers and are well within their right to pick and choose who does and does not get a copy of their game. Normally, though,  reviewers are  selected by what is featured on Metacritic, so much so that sales teams pretty much ‘live’ by Metacritic.