Terraria 1.0.4 patch is live!

As a Terraria junkie I feel it is my duty to keep you all informed, and I apologize for not reporting on the 1.0.3 patch when it hit. This latest update brings many new additions to the game, fixes the issues with the resolution options that were added in 3, and spruces up plenty of the multiplayer and single player elements of the game.

Additions of note include:

-Vanity items for altering the appearance of your character. This includes the ability to place vanity items over armor while keeping the set bonuses as well as the ability to place armor in the vanity slot for its appearance rather then its attributes.  This allows for a great deal more range in customizing appearances without sacrificing those hard won armor set bonuses.

-A mess of new NPCs. You have a new community member, a Clothier, who sells clothing and vanity items, as well as a spattering of new enemies for various environments. Also a bunny and a corrupt bunny, which kind of made my day.

-The player now has an animation for eating and drinking restorative items, which is nice. I will miss teleporting things directly into my stomach.

-The Jungle biome can now grow above ground as well. If this means those horrid bees spawn as well, I may never leave my fort.

Honestly its a rather long list of changes and additions. Check out the full list here and get excited for the ever growing world of Terraria. I’ll post whenever changes go live, but if you want up to the second info on patches, follow Terraria on Twitter or Facebook.