Roundup of Unusual Size: Stock Drops and Bouncy Castles

Nightmare Mode is republishing Dire Critic’s ‘Roundup of Unusual Size’, a collection of links put together by site friend, Kris Ligman. It’s like Critical Distance, except we post on the six days of the week that Ben Abraham doesn’t, and there are usually more non-game-related articles… So I guess we’re actually more like Rock, Paper, Shotgun’s Sunday Papers, except less British. You can send Kris recommendations for the roundups via Twitter or email!

A bit of a mellow wind-down kind of day, and who’s complaining? As the great herd of games journos who descended upon my fair city return to their respective homes, we can take a breath and reflect on… how very little news there is today.


Now that E3 has properly wrapped, it’s time for the retrospectives to set in. And right out the gate is this bitingly accurate (I know because I was there) comment about the so-called professionalism of the event.

The Guardian has an interview with Sony VP Kazuo Hirai on Sony’s response (ahem, failure to respond) to the PSN hack.

Not to imply that only Sony is coming away from E3 a little pink in the cheeks, Nintendo’s stock dropped twice after the Wii U was unveiled. It’s easy to see why, with cynical reflections like this one coming from Gamers with Jobs’ Shawn Andrich.


Phil Plait brings us new developments on one of the most striking sights of the night sky, a changing supernova.

I was expecting a list like this to be populated by Carl Sagan and Richard Dawkins, you know, rockstars in the celebrity sense. But no, io9 has a list on 10 musicians who also study or profess in the sciences.