Linecraft – Gaming in One Dimension

Step aside Minecraft, there is a new game in town and its name is Linecraft!  According to Krotch, the game’s designer, Linecraft is a massively singleplayer 1-dimensional digging simulator inspired heavily by such classic titles as Dwarf Fortress and Infiniminer.

The map is infinitely long, allowing players to mine for as long as you can hold their mouse button down. Krotch has implemented a Multiplayer of sorts,Challenge your friends to see who can hold the down button the longest.

Krotch has already implemented as large number of features that we all have come to expect in games of this genre. Tons of blocks to break, a plethora of ore and gems to collect, and absolutely nothing fun to do!

Linecraft is still in its infancy but Krotch has high hopes for the game. The game will boast tons of features that I will add at my leisure.  I hope you’re all looking forward to it. He has also set up a donation button so take your money before he finishes making the game.

This ambitious project into the first dimension is something people should keep their eyes on. To keep up to date on the latest additions, life events, and musing of Krotch, you can visit his blog here: The Word of Krotch. And those of you who can’t wait for the final product to play, there is already a test build which can be found on his blog. Grab it soon because Krotch has already put out a challenge. First person to reach 999 diamonds wins a chance to name a special craftable item.