Check out Brink's Intro As Well as New Security Gameplay

Two videos for your viewing pleasure; first, the intro to the game–accented narrator and all. Second, a video that showcases some new gameplay from the Security portion of the storyline. Both are new!

Interesting tidbit from the intro video: the Resistance is trying to escape. That…makes things interesting. Why wouldn’t Security allow people to leave? Wouldn’t that help out the situation–given that resources are scarce?


  1. Tom

    Looks pretty sweet, as usual. The parkour makes the whole thing look seem very fluid, as opposed to most FPS which…are chunkier or more abrupt.

    Also, love that characters have lots of regenerating health and there doesn’t seem to be much sniping. These are all good developments, in my mind.

  2. OPHumanShield

    From my understanding, it’s not that the Resistance wants to leave. They want to seize control of the Ark, and use its rapidly-dwindling resources on what could be a worthless venture to find other people that might not even exist. I can see where Ark Security would see this as a waste of time and want to put the kibosh on it.