Kinect Makes Super Cool Guy Eat His Own Hat

Mr. Wrong

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So, do you remember this?

Well, according to VGChartz, Microsoft’s Kinect did in fact eventually reach the milestone of 4 million units sold worldwide (2.6 million units in the Americas) in the week that ended on Dec. 11. Of units sold, 40% of them bundled with a Xbox 360 console, which indicates that there actually was an expansion of the console’s user base. The PlayStation Move, which didn’t get all the marketing support the Kinect did, has sold just over 900 thousand units so far.

So yeah, I was wrong. Colin Sebastian was right.

Shit. I hate being wrong.

However, I still don’t believe Kinect’s success has enough legs for the long run, since the arguments presented in that article (you know, the 5 reasons why once up, you can’t come back down) are all still valid.

Now leave me alone while I enjoy my grudge for not having my MBA funded by Lazard Capital Markets.

But hey! On the other hand, I’m not unemployed anymore. I got an actual paid job! But what a beautiful coincidence!

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  1. David

    *ugh* I would not consider VGChartz credible one bit. In fact, part of my monthly entertainment–sick bastard that I am–is comparing their prediction of what the NPD report will be with the actual NPD report.

    Latest figures I have so far indicate Playstation Move and Kinect both hitting the 2.5 million mark for sell-through more or less simultaneously (albeit Move was available for nearly a month longer). Kinect is definitely more popular than the Move. Both are experiencing supply shortages, but Kinect’s shortages are for far longer and people continue to buy well over MSRP (average sale of a Kinect, by my calculations, is north of $180).

    The damning thing for the Move, so far, is the software sales. If you’re curious, check out this: