BioWare charges $10 premium to play Mass Effect 2 on PS3

News just broke today how BioWare will solve the problem of ‘importing’ the experience of Mass Effect for those who want to play Mass Effect 2 on the Playstation 3.

I wrote about the news here (shameless plug)–and I think the solution is a rather elegant one, considering the impossibility of bringing the full Mass Effect game over, but here’s the takeaway:

Retailers such as Amazon have the ‘original’ Xbox 360 version of Mass Effect 2 listed for $20. All of the current paid DLC that adds content to the game comes out to 1920 Microsoft Points, or roughly $30, so PS3 owners are actually being overcharged by $10 for the privilege of getting a year-old port.

Good in the long run for people who only own a PS3, or who can’t download DLC because of various circumstances, and certainly great for the commercial success of Mass Effect 3 but I think effectively charging $10 for a digital comic seems kind of steep. At the same time, while I liked Mass Effect 2, I’m certainly not as big a fan as Patricia–so maybe she’ll chime in here.

The art is by Dark Horse, and here’s a sample courtesy of Kotaku: