The Friday Post: On Time Edition

I know! I know! This is fucking incredible. I’m posting our weekly collection of links n’ stuff, and I’m posting it on time, too! Even though I’m sneezing at a sneeze per minute ratio faster than some very slow electronic music. Well, let’s get down to work, once I link to the image source so the art mafia doesn’t break my legs! Now that that pleasantness is dealt with, words!

-What’s the most popular post we made? Well, Fern said some stuff about Move and Kinect, and apparently these two topics make people feel feelings. It’s even got graphs, and I fucking love graphs!
-Your big announcement of the past while was Bioshock Infinite. I hope Buzz Lightyear is a secret character. It would make the name make a lot of sense.
-What’s the most absolutely bizarre thing we posted? Well, this. Definitely this. I don’t even know why, or how, it exists, but it does! And it’s bizarre.
Rock Paper Shotgun provides us with an interesting interview with the doctors of Bioware, who tell us that Baldur’s Gate is not forgotten. On the other hand, Dragon Age has gone from Baldur’s Gate alike to hack’n’slash Mass Effect clone, and Baldur’s Gate isn’t on Good Old Games, probably because it would remind all of us of how far Bioware has sunk. But, you know. Good on them.
-Old as hat now, But Game, Set, Watch put up a fantastic piece about Inception and video games. Namely, why video games haven’t done this already. It touches on an issue I feel strongly about, too: that grounded science fiction, set in the real world, can be more authentic and convincing than fantasy and sci-fi set in a made up fantasy universe.
-This is also old as some sort of hat, but Quinns (of RPS fame)has posteda long bit I haven’t readabout looking for gaming’s Citizen Kane. Seriously. Long as fuck. Haven’t read it yet, but I’ve been meaning to post it ever since I knew of its existence, because it looks really fun.
I’ve neglected to post my favorite blog in the past, so WE’LL DO IT LIVE!
Interesting post over on Experience Points about the names of things. Specifically Bioshock Infinite. It’s a quick read, and definitely raises all the objections anyone has with the name in an intelligent way which would only be objected to by hardcore games as not art-ers.

Welp, that’s what we’ve got for you right now. Stay tuned for more tales of interest!