First Costume Quest trailer packed full of whimsy

Whimsy! That mythical thing that made Harry Potter great, and made Psychonauts the game it was. Whimsy, charm, whatever you will, it’s something a game either has or doesn’t. And it can be the difference between a fantastic experience and one you forget after three minutes and a bag of potato chips.

Meet Costume Quest, in moving form. So much whimsy. So much delight. Stylistically, it has some of the hallmarks of Psychonauts, the game it will be undoubtedly compared to, and it definitely has charm. I’m pretty struck by it. We don’t get much of an idea of gameplay, beyond that you’re a kid who transforms into their Halloween costume, and that it looks pretty unmistakably charming.

Whimsy from every orifice, in other words. Keep an eye out for it, because it’s supposed to drop on Halloween for digital download services. On the dot. But probably not on Halloween, because games aren’t usually released on the day of the week Halloween falls on.