Torchlight 2 trailer really confirms multiplayer

Torchlight 2 will have multiplayer. Take that, Jeff II of metacritic review posting! YOU BETTER GIVE THIS ONE TEN OUT OF TEN, OR YOUR INTEGRITY WILL BE OUT THE WINDOW.

Yeah, I mean, it’s not that exciting a trailer. It’s Torchlight, but with multiple dudes. The thing they really should add is more classes, and more skills. Sure, the streamlined Diablo angle was nice, but too often it felt like I was putting points into a skill because there was no other skill I could possibly use. There wasn’t enough synergy between abilities, is what I’m saying. Additionally, passive buffs you can’t see are the opposite of exciting.

But it has multiplayer! And that’s an important start! Because no one but crazy people love playing Diabloalikes by themselves, right? Umm….excuse me, I’m off to play Diablo II by myself.