The Sumday Post: Something about the fambly cat

You know who’s a good band? Grandaddy. Maybe I listened to them and forgot, completely, to post your usual Friday collection of links. Maybe this is complete bullshit. Maybe I’ve just been playing Rock Band. But you have no way of knowing which of these is true, so ENOUGH WITH THE FOREPLAY LINKS LINKS LINKS!

-We posted some reviews this week, you could *possibly* care about. One for Dragon Quest IX, which I wasn’t a big fan of, and Totally Tiny Arcade!, which sounds excitingly novel. Like a book, with lots of pages.
We continued to look at Limbo, and its many themes. There are a lot of them, all right.
-Surprisingly, I was all over this before Rock Paper Shotgun got to it. If only this were Friday. Anyway, ESPN (a site I go to occasionally) posted a real interesting history of the Madden franchise. It’s worth a look, even if you don’t care about football, because it’s the kind of big budget, factual reporting us games journalists rarely get to do.
-Experience Points gave Bioshock 2 a bit of a sendup. Personally, I’m not a big fan of the game, but I appreciated their search for depth within its moral structure.
-Kotaku featured a surprising amount of features from their feature writers this week.
I’m a fan of this post, basically, on OCD, and less a fan of Tim Rogers’ latest magnum opus. It’s one of those things: the more you write about games, the more you find Tim Rogers difficult and pointless.

See you…well, this week, friends.