DA2 Roundup: No Exclusive Organization, Returning Characters, More

Confession: I have dozens of tabs open with Dragon Age info which I’ve yet to post, because I don’t want the site to become flooded with Dragon Age stuff. But it’s the weekend, and things seem to be moving slow, so I’ll bite: here’s a Dragon Age 2 roundup!

We all know it’s not a Bioware game unless there’s an exclusive organization that your character joins: we’ve had the Jedi, the Spectres, the Wardens and so on. The buck stops here for DA2 says David Gaider, “No exclusive organization. No saving the world. No ancient evil.” I think my head just exploded. Mary Kirby follows that up, stating that “There are other things you can do aside from saving the world– as plenty of people griped back when Origins was announced.” I’m going to take a big guess here and say that Dragon Age 2 is waist-deep with world politics, because that’s the next best thing, right?

I know a good deal of us are worrying that Dragon Age 2 will become too “Mass Effect-y.” The dialogue wheel and central character aren’t helping those concerns. The most important question is, however, will they implement a morality meter like they have in Mass Effect? Definitely not, says David Gaider, “We have not implemented a morality meter, no. Making morally complex decisions and dealing with the consequences of those decisions on those around you are pretty central to what we feel Dragon Age is all about.”

Lastly, a character reveal–Flemeth, pictured above, won’t be the only person making a return in Dragon Age 2. We now know that Nathaniel Howe, the thief we recruit in Awakenings, will be making an appearance in Dragon Age 2 according to Mike Laidlaw. “Nathaniel spent a year in Kirkwall? It’s like we planned this! Note: We planned this.” Make note of the decisions you’ve made in Awakenings, then, because it seems as if these choices will be affecting DA2 as well says Laidlaw, “the DLC from Origins will be tied to this game as well. You will see characters from that DLC in this game.” Moreover, “We definitely want to reward characters who have played Origins and the DLC, and we want to reward them in a way that can also continue past Dragon Age II.”

And that’s it for the roundup. Stay tuned as we bring you more Dragon Age 2 information!