Immortal Defense now 'pay what you want'

When it comes to Tower Defense, there are three games in my mind: Defense Grid, Comet Crash, and Immortal Defense. The former is the best by the numbers approach to the genre. Comet Crash makes a lot of interesting innovations, which add a lot of depth to the proceedings.

And then there’s Immortal Defense, which is one of the most haunting, atmospheric games ever made. Not to mention one of the prettiest. It plays like pretty traditional tower defense, sure, but it comes with the graphics, music, and just flat out storytelling balls of a triple A title.

And now, for the rest of forever, it’s pay what you want. Assuming what you want is higher than $1.75. I bought it the last time it went PWYW, and definitely didn’t regret it. And unless you absolutely, 100% hate tower defense games, I assure you, you’ll have fun with this one.

If you’d like to try out the demo beforehand, though, make sure to head on over here.