Starcraft 2 Editor kind of ridiculous

Sure, we all know Starcraft 2 is coming out in less than a week. We know it’ll be more pulse pounding, fighting game strategy where you’ll never win an online match. It’ll probably be pretty awesome. Will we review it? Maybe. Maybe we will.

What’s even more amazing, though, is the editor. Sure, we knew it would allow you racing games and stuff. That was pretty fantastic. But someone with the beta decided they’d make a carbon copy of flOw, ThatGameCompany’s game about the evolution of life. Even cool is some of the other stuff that’s been made, showing the raw potential of SC2’s editor.

And yes, I could link to this Kotaku post with a good selection of them, but you could also hit the jump to see my favorites. Weeding out the amount of time you spend watching the less impressive ones.

Personally, I think the robust modding tools for Starcraft 2 are a huge selling point. My favorite times in the original Starcraft were playing the random RPG levels that people created. Sure, you didn’t have a lot of power with the old editor, but I appreciated the random Final Fantasy VII homage game, where you leveled up your character as time passed. They were neat, and I hope to see similar things from Starcraft 2. Just with more awesome.