Battlefield 1943 Players Get Medal of Honor Beta on PSN

Good news for those of you that own BF1943, who want to get in on the Medal of Honor action: DICE has just announced that anyone who owns 1943, will be able to get into the Medal of Honor beta through PSN. “We at DICE appreciate your loyalty and are happy to let you know we were able to unlock the Medal of Honor beta directly on PSN for you for a limited time!  All you have to do is access the “New Releases” section of PlayStation Network and start downloading your way into Tier 1 warfare.”

This probably only works if you own BF1943 on PSN, too, though–not XBL. No word on what ‘limited time’ means, and so, if I were you, I’d get crackin’ on that download.


  1. son

    wtf no xbox live VIVA LA REVOLUTION!

    • No, but if you preorder MOH you can now play on XBL.

  2. matt

    Hey you xbox kids stop bitchin’ we didnt bitch when you got GTA dlc first!

    • No one is bitching. Though I would say wondering why this particular promotion is PSN only is a valid question if only because of how arbitrary the decision seems to be.

      • nick

        its because playstation is a much more powerful and better console that grew up alongside of EA. thats why we get the limied edition MOH and dead space 2

      • Both consoles are getting the limited edition. And both consoles get the beta, too…doubt it has anything to do with how powerful the systems are, given that fact. Also, I’m sure that DS2 is coming to the 360.

  3. JAy

    I have battlefield 1943 for ps3 and I didn’t see the beta. How do I get it? I really want to play it already

    • I explained it in the post: if you have it, when you go to the ‘new releases’ tab in the playstation network, you should not only see Medal of Honor listed, but you should also be able to download it.

  4. I searched the whole playstation store and didnt find the beta, I have BF1943…..did the beta expire or some shit?

    • SSlartibartfast

      I can’t find it either.

      • Well, it was originally stated to be a ‘limited time offer.’ The beta ends tomorrow, I’m not sure they gain all that much from giving it free for a day for people on PSN.