We've Been Looking At Dragon Age 2's Flemeth This Entire Time! Also, Wallpapers

Speculation! It ran amok when we saw the initial concept art for Dragon Age 2. You probably asked yourself, who is that dashing woman? What role does she play? We’ll, here’s a bombshell for you. That’s Flemeth. Yes, you read that right. That striking lady, right there, is Flemeth. How do I know this? Well, we already know that Flemeth is returning, yes? Game Informer has just released a few wallpapers which you can download here, and one of them, is the picture above. Filename? Flemeth.jpg.

Further proof, it’s been confirmed by Bioware’s Mary Kirby over at the Dragon Age 2 forums, when she notes that “She’s a thousand-year-old abomination, a shapeshifter who, according to legend (and according to the grimoire you give Morrigan) seduces mortal men in order to get herself more daughters. Her daughters are reputed to be able to kill men with fear.  She’s both a seductress and a hag. She played up the hag aspect for the Warden, “Oh, never mind me, I’m just a crazy old bat who saved your life! Go on your quest and take my daughter with you! I’m sure nothing terrible could come from that…”  But just because the Warden only saw her as the hag, doesn’t mean that’s all she was…”

The white hair makes me think that not only must this be (one of?) her “real” bodies, like Mary Kirby suggested, but also that she’s not in Morrigan’s body, either. Judging from the fact that this was one of the first released concept art, I’m guessing Flemeth will be playing some sort of important role.

Update: A picture straight from the newly released Dragon Age 2 trailer, ‘destiny,’ we can see Flemeth in all her CGI goodness:

It also seems as if we will be returning to the Deep Roads, judging by what the wallpapers depict.