A Whole Slew of New Dragon Age 2 Screenshots

Normally, we’d reproduce this sort of thing for you here, so that you don’t have to go anywhere. We’re not doing that this time, since these are all stem from the Game Informer mag, and it’s not exactly legal to do so. Instead, let me just link you here, where you can see a couple of dozen of new Dragon Age 2 screenshots. They’re much better than what we’ve seen so far, but I’m not sure that’s saying much.

Let’s all take a moment to realize that Dragon Age Origins doesn’t exactly look great, either, but everything else made up for it. No one would be bitching about this all had Bioware not made comments about making DA2 “super hot,” though, so I can’t blame you for complaining.

Why are the Germans all getting this info first? The world may never know.