More Dragon Age 2 Details Surface: Flemeth, Lothering, Dialogue, Teammates and More

Gamebanshee has worked out a list of details the internet has been learning about Dragon Age 2, thanks to the issues of Game Informer which have been circulating a little earlier than planned. A good deal of these, we’ve reported here before, so here’s a list of the newer details which you may not know. I’m afraid a good deal of these details will probably just make you wince, though.

• Dragon Age II starts off by placing us in Lothering as it’s being destroyed, which explains how it is that we will see overlap with Origins.

• The sequel’s dialogue choices are paraphrased into 3-4 words each, which makes sense considering it is adopting the Mass Effect dialogue wheel. Still disappointing to know, especially considering that Shepard tends to say something I don’t want him to say quite often.

• Classes will be better defined this time.

• There will be fewer talents. The available talents will be ‘enhanceable’, though.

• We will encounter Flemeth as a dragon, though she will  “transform into human form for a wry introduction.” C’mon, can’t she just be dead?

• No matter what you do, your teammates will not leave or turn against you. Yes, you’re going to be Shepard alright.

• There are about a dozen comparisons to Mass Effect in the article itself–by the author, executive director Mark Darrah, and lead designer Mike Laidlaw–so it’s officially an “informed opinion” to fear the Mass-Effication of Dragon Age 2.

Stay tuned as we bring you more information on Dragon Age 2–hopefully it starts being a little less heartbreaking from now on.