Double Fine working on four new games

Lost in the shuffle of “Bobby Kotick is a dick and Darth Vader” discussion over the past day and a half has been much more exciting, less “he said what?” news: Double Fine, creators of such classics as Psychonauts and such interesting if ultimately boring games as Brutal Legend, are working on four new titles.

What kind of games? Well, their development structure at the moment seems to resemble the team that made Portal (in that, none of them are being made by full teams), so we should expect shorter, experimental types of games, kind of proofs of concept, if you prefer. There’s not a lot of concrete information on any of them outside of, “Yeah, this game is beautiful” and “this game is technically brilliant” (which for Double Fine must mean “everything actually works, and doesn’t glitch out halfway through!”), so we can’t offer you exciting tidbits.

But we can offer you that there will be four games, supposedly within the next year or so, from a studio who have released two games in 10 years. That’s pretty amazing. And frankly, as someone who loved and appreciated their games, respectively, this is exciting news.