3DS's Tag Mode Details, Is Confirmed For 3 Titles

What’s Tag Mode, you say? Why, we’re here to tell you just that! Wired has the scoop on various 3DS capabilities, which you can read in full here. As always, we bring it to you!

Tag mode is a feature which lets “players automatically trade game data with each other when their 3DS units get into range,” which isn’t particularly interesting until we learn that this is a function that occurs “even if they’re not currently playing the same game.” How does this work? Well, when you play a game with the feature, it will include a “Tag Mode data slot” that saves specifically to the hardware. The 3DS will have a ‘Tag Mode Viewer” which allows you to see how many players you’ve exchanged data with, and for what games.

Tag Mode was confirmed in the article for Nintendogs, Animal Crossing and Mario Kart.