Fallout New Vegas' Gambling, Companions, and Weapons

GameBanshee has an extensive–if not the most comprehensive–preview for Fallout New Vegas, which you should definitely read. Fear not, fellow internet traveler: we’ve got all the goods for you right here, too.

It seems as if you will not be able to carry weapons into the casinos openly without risking the entire casino becoming hostile toward you. Thankfully, there are a number of conceivable weapons, like switchblades and brass knuckles, which you can sneak in with you anyway. Once inside, you will be able to gamble–and gambling is slightly affected by your luck stat. You cannot, however, win an infinite number of caps, since ‘breaking the bank’ is possible. Moreover, Obsidian has made it clear that they will be programming some mysterious “inconvenience” which discourages players from saving before gambling, and simply reloading when they lose too much money. And once you’re done trying your luck at the slots, your weapons will be returned to you on the way out of the casino.

Named weapons will be making a return, but these weapons cannot be modified. There are also a bevy of new weapons, like the following: “Anti-Material Rifle, a Lever-Action Shotgun, some C-4 Plastic Explosives with Detonator, a 9 Iron golf club, a Bladed Gauntlet, a Multiplas Rifle, a Plasma Caster, a Trail Carbine, a Light Machine Gun, and the infamous Grenade Launcher.” Melee weapons will now have “special attacks,” too, but these aren’t specified or detailed.

Lastly, there will be a total of 9 companions available for you during your journey, one of which is a sniper called “Boone.”

Stay tuned as we bring you more info on Fallout: New Vegas!

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  1. Tom

    Their “inconvenience” better not be a checkpoint system or I WILL FUCKING KILL THEM.

    I mean, why would they object to you saving before gambling? It’ll make the gambling actually be played, as opposed to no one doing it because it’s going to lead to you losing millions of caps.