SSF4 Avatar Costumes, Achievements

I’m not one to buy trinkets for my avatar–they’re freaking avatars, for christs sake, they don’t need to wear anything–but these upcoming costumes look really neat. Capcom has announced plans to release a slew of avatar downloads which include the following characters: Abel, Ibuki, C. Viper, El Fuerte, Guy, Guile, Juri, Dudley, Chun-Li, Dee Jay, T.Hawk, Makoto, Ryu, Rufus, Akuma and Cody. See them below:

Here’s the not-so-awesome part: they cost 320MSP. Each. Y’see, outfitting those avatar pixels is complicated stuff. You need to pay a vendor, a middle-man, a tailor, the transportation–the works! All to get these fine threads at your doorstep by the date of July 15th. And that is why you need to pay up.

In other related news, Capcom is saying that the SSF4/SF4 platinum trophies and achievements are some of the most difficult to attain. Those of us who have played these games may find this to be completely unsurprising, though. The trophies/achievements which elude many-a-player is the “Unbeatable Fist”, as it requires players to obtain the “No Challenge Too Hard” and “Playing to Win” trophies.” Giant Bomb notes that only 0.4 out of 10,061 its users have this emblem, which, while a small sample size, it should give you an idea of how very few people actually have it.

So, you want the biggest e-peen to rule them all? You need to start cracking on your SF4/SSF4 achievements!


  1. “they don’t need to wear anything”

    Um, I’m not one for leaving things open for suggestion or anything, but you wouldn’t believe how wrong that kinda sounds, no matter how much I agree with the “You shouldn’t have to pay for avatar stuff” debate that’s really happening here. Stuff like this should almost be a standard pack-in with the game, as a thanks for buying it, maybe even introduced as part of “Project $10” – get the avatar stuff free as an incentive to buy new instead of used.

    But yeah, paying for avatar stuff, even for someone without a 360 – no thanks, I’ll keep mine plain.

    • I know it sounds wrong. That’s the point! :p

  2. Fernando Cordeiro

    Pat, can you remember what my avatar as wearing today?
    He bought it at Macys!