EVO SSF4 Results: Daigo Wins, Justin Wong Upset

No real surprise on the winner, though it seems as if most people weren’t able to watch the stream during the last critical moments of the final battle between Daigo and Ricky Ortiz. If you missed the stream, we’ve got the video of the matchup for you right here:

Daigo rockin’ his usual Ryu, and Ortiz using Rufus.

But honestly, who cares about the winner? Let’s talk about the Justin Wong upset! Now that was the more interesting match–JWong on Rufus, Gamerbee on Adon.

Right away you notice that Justin is making all sorts of bad reads on Gamerbee, completely wasting two Rufus ultras–and Rufus ultras hurt a lot! Toward the end you start seeing the intense mindgames that Gamerbee is employing with Adon. Even us mere mortals can notice how difficult it becomes to read what Adon is doing when absolutely everything is preceded by a jump–a rather genius setup, actually. It’s through videos like this that scrubs like me really get hit with the idea that at some point, it’s not about combos or execution or any of that–though obviously a level of competency is needed. At some point, it becomes all mind games and pressure–reading and tricking your opponent.

If you’d like to see the rest of the EVO matches, make sure to hit up this YouTube stream.