Upcoming Games: July

Hey, it’s July! The long, abhorrent summer doldrums are…well, just about as long and abhorrent as ever. You know how it goes.

Anyway, there are some games coming out this month. You might have heard of a couple of them, actually. You know, only the biggest PC release ever, and what might become the best selling DS game of all time just from people in Japan buying multiple copies for additional save files.

It’s that kind of month, and you can see what’s what in the next four weeks right here, right now.

Week of 7/5-7/12
Persona 3 Portable and Crackdown 2 are the killer apps of the week. Of course. There’s some other stuff, too, though. Tournament of Legends is Sega’s latest excuse about hardcore games not selling on the Wii, and, if you’re into shoot things at long distances, Sniper: Ghost Warrior might be fun. I don’t know.

If you wait until late in the week, though, your persistence will be rewarded with Dragon Quest IX: Protector of the Starry Sky, which I’m sure I’ll get talked into buying and reviewing even though I have so many other games I’d rather play. And that I wasn’t a fan of Dragon Quest VIII. You know, despite those factors.

Week of 7/12-7/19
What do you want from me? NCAA Football 2011? No. Why the fuck would you want that? Disciples III? Nah. I played Disciples the first one a long time ago, and it was fun, but it didn’t seem sequel worthy, let alone two sequels. Whatever. No skin off my back.

What else do we got? Well, unless you’re eight, and love shitty party game collections, we ain’t got shit.

Week of 7/19-7/26
Only two things remotely like a new release here. Ignition’s latest offering, Arc Rise Fantasia, seems to be a no buy unless you really love traditional RPGs, or unless it turns out to be as hilariously localized as Deadly Premonition. The voice acting sucks. It’s halfway there. There’s also going to be, apparently, Trackmania for the Wii and DS, though honestly I couldn’t be less enthused.

Week 7/26-Fin
Welp, we’ve got some big releases this week. I mean, there’s Galaxy Racers and Clash of the Titans and Super BlazBlue Hyper 2 Alpha: Continuum Shift. What more could you ask for?

Oh. Right. Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty. Perhaps the biggest PC launch in history. A new game from Blizzard. A long awaited new game from Blizzard. So new and fantastic that it will be 60$ despite being a PC game. That, by the way, is 100% of the reason I’m on the fence about it.

See you next month, kids! By which I mean, see you later today, when I write another post!