Gears of War's Beast Mode Detailed, New Character Screens

What is it?, we asked. Well, we’re here to tell you! Beast mode is not a mode for douches to get cheap chainsaw kills and get punched in the face because they’re wearing sunglasses inside. Beast mode, similarly to Horde mode, has you pitted against endless waves of enemies. Okay, that sounds pretty damn lame. What’s the catch, why should I care? Well…you play as the locust. That’s right, you, too, have the opportunity to be a part of that ticker wave…or more interestingly, creatures like the Berserkers. Any locust is fair game. It might be fun, but how does it make sense? You’ll be killing wave after wave of reincarnated Marcuses? Oooooookay. And you have more than one life, too, which is probably to balance things like having to play as a stupid wretch.

Thing is, you won’t get to play as the awesome Locust right away–you need to level up and gain experience points to unlock better creatures. In this way, you will see the more ‘tactical’ side of these big baddies, as you can probably stratify them according to traditional ‘classes’–assault, medic, what have you.

For more specific details as to what classes do what, you can head on over to IGN.

As for the new, wicked character shots? Well, Marcus is just a taste. You can see the hi-res versions of Anya and Dom here, as well as new concept art.