3DS At A Glance, Commentary

That, right there, is the fabled 3DS, folks. Looks like a glorified DS, doesn’t it? Well, it’s design isn’t final–hopefully they can do more to set itself apart from the DS. Otherwise, a common consumer might look at this and go, hey, its just a DS with 3D on it! We, however, know that it does more than a DS can. A lot more, in fact. Here’s some specifications:

It is 5.3 inches wide, 2.9 inches long, 0.8 inches tall, weighing in at about 8 ounces. The top screen is 3.53 inches, and this is the screen that has the 3D functionality. The bottom screen, like its predecessor, is a 3.0 inch touch screen. It has three cameras–two in the front, and one on the inside. Why it needs 3 cameras, I have no idea. It might be necessary to take 3D pictures, though. Don’t get too excited, though, they don’t even have the resolution of half of a megapixel!

It will, indeed, use game cartridges–it seems like digital distribution won’t be the next big thing for Nintendo after all. It will also have online functionality, which can work even when on sleep mode. It has a slider which can be used to determine how strong the 3D effect will be–though you will also be able to turn it off completely, if so you wish. It has an SD card slot.

Last, but not least, its graphical power is probably on par with the Wii. Just take a look at the trailer for its launch title, Kid Icarus Uprising.

And judging from the reactions from various internet sites, probably coming close to the graphical capabilities of the 360. That in of itself is amazing, but also disappointing when we look at the 3DS’s older brother, the Wii.

source: Nintendo.


  1. Fernando Cordeiro

    I suppose the name 3DS itself already conveys the notion of being a DS with 3D on it… 😛

    • Yes but the graphical update alone puts it in a different league. That needs to be highlighted, I think.