Taking A Look at Hunted: The Demon Forge

We talk a lot about Gears here, and with good reason: say what you might about the game, but its influence on the industry has been great. Here, too, we see its influence: Hunted has widely been called a dungeon crawler for the Gears of War age. Take a look at this trailer to see what we mean:

Demon Forge is a co-op dungeon crawler with a cover system that makes you take the helm of either its elfin E’lara, who wields a bow, or the tank Caddoc, unsurprisingly adept with a shield and a sword. The game features many puzzles which will take both players to solve, and it promises to deliver a story-driven experience. Enemies and bosses will take both players using their unique attributes and  working cooperatively to defeat them.

You know, I’ve never been a fan of medieval RPGs–often they seem to hit on way too many of the same boring trophes and class systems. But after games like Dragon Age and Oblivion sucked me in so profusely, I’m warming up a bit more to the setting and its nuances. That being said, I’m looking forward to having Demon Forge hands on, and seeing how the dungeon crawler takes its many influences and attempts to modernize them. It was succesful in Borderlands, we’ll see if Demon Forge does the same.


  1. Great post! I had never heard of Hunted: Demon’s Forge until now and from what you have described it sounds great. I love co-op games because I have a twin and we really enjoy playing together. Oblivion and Dragon Age are two of my most favorite games, as well as Morrowind, yet no co-op, and I for one really enjoy Medieval RPGs so this sounds like a winner perhaps, only time will tell. Thanks for the information and the video. =)

    • Awesome! Yeah, the game looked really interesting to me and since its one of those ‘under the radar’ games I had to post about it to let other people know about it.

      Thanks for visiting the blog! 🙂

  2. Tom

    I love Demon’s Souls!

    …Wait, this is a different medieval action game? xD Joking aside, this actually looks pretty fucking incredible. Like a mix of ideas from Dragon Age, Demon’s Souls, and Trine. Definitely excited.