Alan Wake's 'The Signal' Trailer Drops

Alright kiddies, step right up and watch the newest and only trailer for Alan Wake’s upcoming DLC titled ‘The Signal” here. Commence the speculation! Well, it seems that we will indeed be playing as the Alan which is stuck in that darkness world. But what’s Barry doing there? What the hell? Well, at least we’ll have some amusing banter coming out of this. And it looks like they’ll be toying with the stuff we saw in the final level of Alan Wake–items which are denoted by words, which you can shine a light on to make them ‘real’. Frankly, seems a bit lame but perhaps they’ll find some neat uses for it. I’m still not convinced that having more of the same warrants playing through more of this game, though I’m sure we’ll know for sure once it actually drops. That being said, with all the hoopla surrounding the notion that Alan Wake is NOT a horror game, why use the ending for the trailer that they did? The wrong assumptions for the game aren’t coming unwarranted, they’re giving us mixed messages! Plus, the perfect trailer would have teased us with story-related food for thought, no? I mean, that’s the primary reason why we’re playing this game.

One Comment

  1. Fernando Cordeiro

    I.. don’t think the story should be much of an issue. Alan Wake REALLY didn’t need a DLC (what I wanted is a full ‘second season’ focused on Alice). I have the impression this DLC will be like that Bright Falls short in the sense that it won’t add anything significant to th storyline.

    What I did like is how they are expending the stuff from the last level – as if Alan is coming up with a plot as he goes along. It’s was a nice way to convey writing, but ultimately this also means that Alan will never be in fully danger – this is merely the manifestation of his character persona (while the real Alan sit inside the cabin and writes) or the straight-from-Twin-Peaks-doppelganger Mr. Scratch. Theoretically, this will always be interesting because it will explain why Alan would make the word “Taken” come true if that will put him in harm’s way. I mean, if you were Alan and wrote your own escape into the story, wouldn’t you make yourself all powerful instead of being attacked as many times I did?