New XCom Trailer Makes Slimer Jealous

So, you might remember a general air of skepticism coming from this person about the XCom reboot. Can’t be good. Sure, I didn’t have any particularly fantastic memories of the original (though it’s on my to-play again list), but this smacked of a cash in made by a team who just cashed in on Bioshock. They could see dollar signs, I thought, and they picked up XCom for the cash potential, not for the love.

Well color me incorrect, then (incorrect is a shade of light pink/purple). Sure, it’s pretty obvious that this looks exactly like Bioshock 2, but a bit more sluggish. And while that’s indicative of games marketed to console gamers (step right up to PC elitism!), I feel like it would work in a video game designed around being a regular dude in the 1950’s with badass equipment.

It looks kind of like I’d want a Ghostbusters game to look, though the slime is a little too black and oil-like for that. Apparently aliens come from the the Gulf of Mexico. You know, going into places, finding out that you’re overwhelmed, and getting out of there. Like, it looks like a first person shooter, but I think it’ll end up feeling like XCom, which is what a reboot should ideally do: change the direction of a franchise.

And if you’re adamant that XCom has to be about small pixel men running around, then you can play Xenonauts, and maybe they’ll make a mod to change all the weird nautical words to XCom.

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