Taste Testing: Imulsion Energy Drink

Drink, drank. Today I became a man. By which I mean today I had an ‘Imulsion,’ an energy drink based off that yellow stuff in Gears that makes baddies extra….bad.

Yes, if you did not perceive it yet, something is wrong with me right now. You see, I had this drink last night at around 9pm. Fast forward to 4:30am, eyes wide awake and I have no idea if its the energy drink, or if its just a testament to my extremely fucked up sleep schedule as of late. Either way, I couldn’t sleep. So either this drink does what its supposed to do, or it doesn’t.

Either one is fine by me, because I don’t actually drink energy drinks. So why did I try an Imulsion? Partially for the lolz, but also for you, dear reader! Anyway, after having an Imulsion…I may  reconsider not drinking energy drinks. Frightening, I know.

You see, unlike Red Bull, this tastes…good. Imulsion has a Cherry Seven-Up vibe to it, with an extra tangy twist. Kind of like when you add that lemon extract stuff to mixed drinks, a taste which I personally love. In fact I’d go so far as to say that Imulsion is…pretty damn good. Good as in, I could drink this recreationally if I wasn’t scared of what it might do to my body sort of thing. Fittingly it has that almost highlighter yellow color….true to the Imulsion in the game, of course!

Then again looking at the ingredients I was surprised to find that most of its contents are things I recognize and can pronounce: taurine, caffeine, guarana. Furthermore Imulsion nets you 110 calories at 8.4 fluid ounces.

Overall I’d wholly reccomend this drink to you should you be able to find it. Me, I just happen to frequent a niche video game store which has all sorts of quirky video game products ranging from plushes to energy drinks such as this one. That being said, I am tempted to try out the other video-game related energy drinks in store…Sonic the energy drink, are you next?


  1. Fernando Cordeiro

    So, Patricia, you are a man now! XD
    I do have to save this post somewhere – I’m laughing enough as it is!

    Also, I doubt you know how to pronounce guaraná… 100% of all people pronounced it wrong when I was living up there. Send me a voice message at XBLive for me to confirm the accuracy of your statement, please. 😉

    (but then again, I have always trouble pronouncing things like ‘world’, ‘girl’ that require you to twist your tongue)

  2. Ali

    A tasty energy drink? I am scared.

    • As am i Ali, as am I.