Super Mario Bros. X is Super Mario Mario Crossover

I’ll admit, when I saw this post on Joystiq, I was skeptical. Mario “ripoffs” like this usually have slightly off controls, imitative gameplay, and just generally suck.

Then I watched the video. Watch the video. Keep going. Anything else I say at this point would be kind of silly, because…moving pictures say a thousand words. Wait until you get to the Mario Paint tools, to the bullet bill gun, to Mario fighting Mother Brain.

I’m going to go pick my jaw up off the floor. Best of all, it’s a free download, so guess what I’m playing right now? That’s right. That’s right. There will be actual thoughts sometime this week/end.

Video is after the cut. You should click it because it’s fantastic, and you have to see it. My life was not complete, but now! Now!

(To be fair, Patricia linked me to this. I’m just posting about it because I’m self-aggrandizing!)