Fallout New Vegas Collector's Edition Announced

The Bethesda Blog has revealed the contents of Fallout: New Vega’s Collector Edition, which you can now preorder off Gamestop (and assumably, other places–once they put their listings up). Included in the Collector’s Edition are the following:

Seven Lucky 7 poker chips, each designed to represent chips from the major casinos found on the New Vegas strip and throughout the Mojave Wasteland.

â™  A deck of cards which depicts characters and factions within the game. You can use the set to play Caravan, an original card game created by Obsidian for New Vegas.

â™  A Lucky 38 platinum chip; which sounds like a highly prized item within the game world.

â™  A hardcover graphic novel written by Chris Avellone, the game’s creative director, called All Roads.” All Roads tells the story of the events that lead up to Fallout: New Vegas.

â™  A ‘Making of’ DVD

The deck of cards alone sold me on this one. Then again its Fallout, so…I don’t think I needed to be convinced all that much.