Friday Post: It's a Pun!

We are clearly as angry as yelling bird up there.

Posts were made this week! Not that many here, because we’re all kind of overwhelmed with stuff. That’s what you get when you have a blog run by people for free: a wild, varying amount of content. More has been promised for next week. More is always promised.

Here and around the internet:

-Patricia posted about a complicated concept, semiotic phantoms. It’s a fantastic article about a fascinating concept and you should read it.
-Everyone has their preview of the new Fallout ga…err no no no it’s called Rage, and it’s made by id, and everyone has a preview. Rock Paper Shotgun has the one I read and I like them so I’m linking to it. Yes, it looks like Fallout. Like, exactly like Fallout, but without the fun parts. I felt the need to point this out.
-Looking for some pay what you want madness? The Humble Indie Bundle is not only pay what you want, not only contains two absolutely fanastic games I’ve played (along with one I really should and two I’ve never played) but an amount of your proceeds that you set goes to charity. Fantastic. There is no reason not to buy it, because many of the games (including the important one, World of Goo!) run on Mac, and can be had for…any amount of money.
-Our favorite website, Action Button Dot Net, updated! I’ll admit, I disagree on Mass Effect 2 (I agree more than some people on this site will, though), but all was made up for with Dante’s Inferno. Seriously. I hate Dante’s Inferno. I don’t even have to play it to know the level of my repulsion.
-I got a chuckle out of beards, over on Kotaku. I’m sure I’m not the only one.

It’s been a slow week. I’ve been here all week, working on articles to post in the future, and looking through the news for anything worth posting about, but this has just been an abysmally slow week leading up to the flood of games next week and beyond.

Personally, I’m excited. I hope you’re excited. And come on down with comments if you saw something I missed, because lord knows I’m not observant.