5 video game action figures you didn't know you wanted

Who’d have thought that adults with disposable income and a love of video games might throw their money at well-crafted action figures of their favorite digital avatars? From weird, jointed action figures of Sonic targeted at children to the various offerings from Square Enix’s Play Arts masterfully sculpted with collectors in mind, video game action figures are more popular than ever. Although there are some amazing, long-awaited, criminally underrepresented and wallet-draining video game figures in production, this list will be limited to figures that are out and will be waiting for you when your next browser tab arrives at Amazon or eBay.

1. Altair

Manufacturer: NECA
Price Range: ~$15-$20

Thanks to NECA, you can get almost every incarnation of Ezio in poorly articulated, lazily sculpted glory. It makes one wonder what happened since their Altair figure released a few years ago is fantastic. He’s got decent articulation, a retractable hidden blade, a dagger and sword, great painting and four supposedly removable throwing knives (that I’m afraid I’ll break if I attempt such). As of now, this is the only poseable version of the hooded hero who introduced us to early video game parkour strategic bench sitting. He’s well worth the price and hasn’t fallen into the collectible action figure curse of exponentially increasing in price.





2. Sonic (Nendoroid)

Manufacturer: Good Smile Company
Price Range: ~$40-$60

Good Smile Company’s Nendoroid line is mostly limited to chibi-style anime figures, but thankfully someone there noticed that Sonic already has a head disproportionate to his body. This figure completely trumps any pre-existing action figures of the character. The design is a delightful marriage of modern Sonic’s green eyes and stylish shoe buckles with the pudgy lovableness of classic Sonic. Also included are a bonanza of accessories including a checkpoint gate, a chaos emerald and ring (both with clear stands), an item box with interchangeable cards, several alternate hands and even three different facial expressions. Sonic fans, this is the only action figure you need.




3. Megaman/Rockman

Manufacturer: Kotobukiya
Price Range: ~$30-$40

This is technically a model kit, but after about an hour of cutting parts out of plastic sprues and snapping this blue bomber together (no glue required), you now possess the best Megaman figure money can buy. He’s got amazing articulation, decent balance for action poses, a few different faces, alternate hands and an E-can. Since the parts are separated by color, one could easily apply some primer before construction to make any color variation of Megaman imaginable. Collectors will be happy to know that Protoman and Roll are also available in this style.





4. Solid Snake

Manufacturer: Play Arts
Price Range: ~$60-$80

This ten-inch Solid Snake may be a bit light on accessories (No box? Really?), but he makes up for it with glorious detail and fantastic articulation. Even his unlimited ammo-granting bandana can be moved for epic wind-blown poses. If you found him a box, you wouldn’t have a problem posing him appropriately to hide in it. He might be a bit short to hang out with your old G.I. Joes, but you could always pick up the equally awesome Cyborg Ninja in this same line if you’re worried about him getting lonely.






5. Raziel

Manufacturer: NECA
Price Range: ~$40-$60

Even Raziel has an action figure and boy is it a cool one. His trademark three-finger hands are poseable (even the alternate ones) for maximum middle-finger-related gestures and he comes with the Soul Reaver sword. There’s also a “spectral realm” variant whose only motivation for purchase is an alternate, stretched out cowl that allows you to set up the classic soul-sucking pose. He’s an absolute must-have for the twenty or so people who remember the Legacy of Kain series.

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  1. Brauhaus

    I need that Megaman one for my office desk! I only have a Domo-chan and he’s so lonely… http://distilleryimage4.s3.amazonaws.com/c9fc69d8c1e811e1abd612313810100a_7.jpg