Headshots: Do you ever quit games just before beating them?

Welcome to Headshots, where Nightmare Mode writers commit their faces to video to answer weekly questions.

This week’s question: Do you ever quit games just before beating them? Why?

Apparently, achievement whoring leads to unfinished games. What a shame.

Video after the jump.


  1. s2tephen

    @nitemaremodenet Bastion… *sigh*

    • nitemaremodenet

      @s2tephen Whyyyyy? You must tell us why! How could you walk away from that voice!

      • s2tephen

        @nitemaremodenet It was that “point of no return” message before the last part—I wanted to have 100% completion before moving on. [1/2]

  2. AGBear

    @nitemaremodenet Hahaha, @Brauhaus was fantastic! These videos need more Irish in them, though.

    • nitemaremodenet

      @AGBear That’s a relief! We were going to impose an accent ban on him. Next time we ask him to bring alcohol (instead of just being drunk)

    • Brauhaus

      @AGBear And this surprises you…why? 😛

  3. John Thompson

    Great ending, Fern!

  4. Fleetfiend

     @nitemaremodenet To be honest, I only ever usually quit a game when I get horribly stuck at some part, which, in many RPGs, happens to be pretty close to the end. Or in the case of Devil May Cry 3, the very FIRST boss. :(However, I am finding myself quitting games because of  boredom and achievement disappointment as well, most recently in Dragon’s Dogma. I can feel myself getting closer and closer to that awful stopping point… 

    • Fleetfiend

       @nitemaremodenet Also… I haven’t been to the site in a while, and it’s awesome to see how much it’s grown since I was last here! Had a lot of fun last summer with you guys, and you helped me learn a lot. Thanks, and good luck!

      • HiThereJosh

         @Fleetfiend Thanks! I remember quitting the first Driver game during the tutorial… But then again, I was pretty young when that came out and had no clue how driving actually worked 😛