Is JB Hi-Fi planning on breaking Mass Effect 3's street date?

For a brief time, I was jealous of all you Americans. You were going to be playing Mass Effect 3 on the 6th of March, while down here in Australia we had to wait untill the 8th. (Don’t even get me started on the fact it’s a leap year, meaning there’s a whole extra day’s wait. Alas!)

That may not be the case anymore. JB Hi-Fi, an Australian based retailer, is currently advertising it will be in store on the 6th of March.

Admittedly, it could be because someone wasn’t paying close attention to the staggered release dates across the globe, or it could be JB Hi-Fi is leading the charge in equal opportunity release dates. Us Australians have feelings too, ya know!


  1. doobey

    their website states the 8/03/12 now.

    • Chris "Tiewaz" Booker

      Nightmare Mode: Keeping retailers honest!

      Appreciate the update man =).