Persona 4: The Golden has lots and lots of bikes


Persona 4: The Golden seems to be adding a lot of new things that weren’t included in the original Persona 4, one of them being bikes. That’s right, bikes. At some point in the game you can obtain a bike license which can be used to travel to more places and trigger new events. You can even use the bikes to beat down Shadows, but I’m not sure how the party will sneak them into the TV at Junes. To be honest, I think the bikes are silly. Of all the things you could add to Persona 4: The Golden you add bikes? They don’t take anything away from the game though, so I probably shouldn’t complain.

Aside from that, animation studio Madhouse is creating a new opening for The Golden which includes more bikes, rainbows, and kaleidoscopes so far. From my experience, Madhouse’s animation in anime is usually pretty decent. They’re no SHAFT, but I trust they’ll get the job done with Persona 4: The Golden.

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