Tiny Tower dev posts passive aggressive response to Dream Heights

Tiny Tower, a hit from tiny three-man developer Nimblebit, was Apple’s iPhone game of the year in 2011. Large mobile and social games developer Zynga apparently took notice of this and according to Nimblebit’s Ian Marsh tried to acquire the small developer. Failing at that, Zynga has created Dream Heights, a game that is totally nothing like Tiny Tower. Naturally outraged, Marsh posted an infographic wishing Zynga the best of luck with their stolen idea.

The App Store’s low bar for entry has caused more pain among indie developers than an ideal world should allow, but such is the nature of gaming’s newest frontier. While the differences will likely hold up in any kind of legal battle, this is a pretty low move on Zynga’s part. It’s unfortunate to see so many cases of stolen ideas on the App Store and I hope at some point a higher standard of regulation is implemented in the future. For now, you can help by playing Tiny Tower instead of Dream Heights.

Via Joystiq


  1. Andrew McDonald

    That’s ALL Zynga does…

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