Persona 4: The Golden is looking 'beary' cool so far

Persona 4: The Golden, the Vita port of Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 for the PS2, is looking pretty good so far. You could even say it’s looking beary good. Like many ports, there are a few new things to marvel at. One of the most notable is the winter trip in January, complete with winter wear to keep the gang warm and cozy inside the Midnight Channel. I’m really curious to see how the trip will fit in the game without ruining the pacing, seeing as what happens in January in the original.

Aside from that there are unique team attacks, new evolved Persona, and additional difficulty settings. In the original we were limited to three settings, but now we have Safety, for players who just want to experience the story, and Risky, for players who crave a challenge. Add that to previously known additions, such as new animated cutscenes and the mysterious Mari, and Persona 4: The Golden is looking… well pretty damn golden.

Atlus hasn’t said anything about a US release date yet, but it’s Persona. I bet my lunch that the game will be localized, it’s really just a matter of when at this point.

Via Siliconera


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  2. I’ve been burned by Sony in the past. (I still own a PSP and have all of three games.) Still, having Persona 4 in a portable format sounds really good. If I was ever to buy a Vita, I would buy this too.