New Devil Survivor 2 trailer reminds us Devil Survivor 2 exists

The original Devil Survivor is notable because it is the game I own the most copies of (three), and because it was a sparklingly brilliant strategy RPG for the Nintendo DS. A combination of Japanese RPG series Growlanser with Persona and a shockingly diverse and cruel choice system, it’s a game I have played the hell out of.

Devil Survivor 2, meanwhile, is coming out next month. It’s coming out for the Nintendo DS. Really, it is. Trust me. Not the 3DS, the regular old, vanilla DS. Also trust this trailer, which shows us no gameplay (but we really don’t need to see more strategy RPG gameplay) but sells us on the game’s atmospheric plot, which combines ideas from the original game with Persona 4. Cool, right?

Honestly, in a crowded Spring release schedule, at least for JRPG fans, Devil Survivor 2 is the game I’m most pumped for. The original was one of the most creative takes on JRPGs in years, and I’m curious to see whether Atlus keeps pushing the envelope in the new year. At the very least, they will continue pushing it in terms of bust size:

Yeah, I don’t think the human body works like that. She would have some serious medical problems. But I can forgive a lot of stereotypical anime crap if the game’s good, and this one looks like it keeps the death centric ideas of the original while hopefully adding some cool new wrinkles to its very strict scheduling and hard as nails strategic combat. And in this world of corridor shooters and action games I will take that when it is offered, thank you very much.


  1. Daryl Heard

    Ah, the breast controversy. I remember when pics first came out I didn’t have a problem with them until people bothered to point out the bad anatomy. This is what anime will do to you I suppose.

    You’re right though, those breasts are natural. In fact, neither are [url=]these[/url]!

  2. Shelley Du

    While I am now smittened by SMT series, Devil Survivor was the first SMT I played and I can say that despite of loving the story, I couldn’t finish it. Just so much walking on grid! A pity really, otherwise it’s a game with my name written all over it.