Sonic 4: Episode 2 features Tails and Metal Sonic

Sonic’s looking to start 2012 off right with the next episode of his well-received game from last year. The most amazing beard ever and plenty of good news are revealed in the interview with Gamespot embedded below including the addition of Tails and Metal Sonic to the game’s (thankfully) limited cast of characters, a new graphics engine, and some improvements to the issues more hardcore fans nitpicked out of the first game’s physics.

There is also a brief reveal trailer that shows what appears to be some kind of cooperative manuever between Sonic and Tails. Considering the big deal they’re making about Tails’s appearance, I imagine that he won’t be simply following Sonic around getting pelted by enemies and dying repeatedly. Here’s hoping that Tails can carry Sonic around and perfrom other neat abilities in tandem with his best blue buddy.

Via Gamespot