Rumor: Batman: Arkham World title teased [UPDATE]

There are two things we can expect from the Spike Video Game Awards. Suprising game announcements and another, harsh reminder that the video games industry still has some growing up to do. Thankfully today we’re talking about the former since I’d rather not give any more headway to the ulcer I’m likely going to develop when I’m 25.

It was actually pretty cool to see a CGI animated Joker accepting the award for best character of the year (though a character whom was born in comics winning an award for best character of the year for video games opens a whole new can of worms I’ll have to talk about in an actual article), but the most interesting part of his acceptance speech was the copy of a “Batman: Arkham World” script that he quickly tossed away and grinned as he said “Whoops, spoilers.” We obviously can’t take this as a formal announcement, but considering that animators took the time to sneak it in there means something is going on.

If “Arkham World” truly is a thing, I’m honestly worried. Although I haven’t finished Arkham City yet, I get the feeling like this series can’t go much further than it has. We’ve seen almost every lunatic in Batman’s rogue’s gallery and I can’t imagine the gadgets getting more varied than the ice grenades I just unlocked. Unless Arkham World is some kind of MMO with players as members of the worldwide Batman Incorporated from the comics, I don’t see any appeal in any further Arkham games.

For now I’ll hope the rumor that Rocksteady was going to work on a Superman game next holds more truth than this one.

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Turns out the whole thing was a joke after all. I take in this news with relief, but also with few lingering thoughts about how silly an “Arkham World” would have been. Perhaps some kind of prison planet in space would be prudent since the moment space is considered the rest of the Jutice League has to show up right? Could you imagine the gritty “Arkham” Batman hanging out with Hawkman? Comedy gold!

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  1. Ramunas Jakimavicius

    Being that The Joker is… a joker, I wouldn’t be surprised is this was just a quick joke referencing the common question of “How would they escalate the next sequel if there was one?”

    • I considered this possibility as well.

      • Ramunas Jakimavicius

        Arkham World is too tame. We need… Arkham Galaxy.